30 June 2009


Certain time,

I did behave weirdly.
I hurt their feelings.
I talk something bad.
I give that ‘I-hate-you’ look.
I ignored peoples.
I said harsh words.
I complain.

I just forgot how to take care of others feeling.
I don’t mean it. Never be.

I am not perfect, not even close.
Take note that.

p.s: IDC what ever you want to think about me. It’s doesn’t change anything to me, physically or mentally. So do whatever you want. Get lost lah!

p.p.s: Why I still can’t stop hating my so-stupid-office? Erghh. I miss to hang out with my girlfriends!

29 June 2009


I woke up kind of late today. Need to mandi and get ready for shopping. Haha. I need to buy orange baju kurung for my cousin weeding. I’m so excited as it is the first time I shop for baju kurung and need to buy tudung sekali.

So we’re heading to Angsana. I need to drive because my mom not in mood to drive kot. I drive carefully as my mom always complain bout my driving skills. Sedangkan I always think that I am a good driver. Heh. Gila perasan.

Pusing around there and survey for the cheapest punya baju. Haha. Ye lah! Orange okay, so not my colour surely tak selalu pakai, so don’t waste my mom’s money. Anak yang super baik I know. ;p

Makan bagai hantu raya yang tak makan for weeks. Order je as parent bayar. Hihi. But then banyak je left over. Bad habit meh! Don’t blame me okay. Irena seems like enjoying eating but still can pose cantik while taking pictures. Ergh. Fake! ;p

Heh, enough with dairy thingy. Till then darlings.

28 June 2009


Some of the pictures yang bagai seronok untuk diletak dalam blog. Well, most of my activity there was swimming and makan. Haha. Sangat best okey to spend time with my family sebab sangat susah untuk bergumbira begini. Swim sampai 2 hour plus. Ohh.. fun-fun-fun!

My baby Fika. Excited with that car but bermuka sedih while pose. Dush.

The guys awal-awal lagi dah lari pegi adult punya tempat. Heh. Tanak jaga adik betul! Grrr..

And the kakak belajar berenang dengan boya tu. Haha. Well, muka excited kan? ;p

Then my daughter nih dah malas na naik itu kereta dia pegi tolak that kereta around the pool. And kakak yang baik itu menemani si kecil. Haha.

Motif? Menunjukkan skill snap gambar. Haha. Ignore lah baju itu!

After swimming. Terus cari susu. Hiks. And tak layan the mamarazzi. ;p

p.s: My picture? Tiada sebab tidak memakai tudung. Uwaaa... I want to buy muslimah swimming suit lah after this.


Swimming suits – Checked
Towel – Checked
Food - Checked
Digicam battery – Fully charged
Phone battery – Fully charged
Energy – Fully charged (I had enough sleep lah!)

Mayfair, I’m coming with over loaded bags full with swimming toys. Haha. Just bought it with my father last weekend but haven’t brought it there lagi. Yippie. And my cousins and my daughter will join us today! Hiks. I can’t wait.

I’m out, goodbye darlings.

27 June 2009


Morning darlings!

I’m having my breakfast now sambil browsing page ape-ape tah. First thing that I saw this morning is Yanti’s comment to Eacha. It is about our room for our new semester nanti. So I quickly check my aims. I am quiet frustrated coz I got old block for next semester and far from Yanti’s block. (T.T) How could I possibly survive to wake up early and go to class next sem. After taking my lunch I’ll go to KTHO office and check my friends room kat mana. Ishh.

I read about Michael lagi. Ok, suddenly rasa sedih. I just don’t know, if before tgk all of his controversy story rasa macam stop talking about him boleh tak? But now after know that he suffer sakit yang pelik-pelik rasa kasihan pula. Better for him to ‘go’ dari suffer sakit with extra paparazzi yang sibuk cari salah dia. I keep playing all his song dari tadi. Betul-betul punya minat lah!

And I would like to wish Najib Happy Birthday! May Allah bless you.
Ish, I keep rasa guilty sebab I lost my maxis sim so I can’t call to wish them (Min, Keat, Najib). Most of it my classmate la kan. (-.-“)
Can’t wait for our new semester!

Ape lagi. Ouh. Tomorrow pegi swimming! Can’t wait lah. Sambil melompat-lompat.

Goodbye for now!

26 June 2009

Hey Babe!

Happy Birthday Dear Adib Yasmin.
May Allah Bless You.
& All Your Wishes Come True.
Miss You Darling!
Can't Wait For Our New Semester.
Another Nasi Ayam Penyet Moment.
Pasar Malam.
And, Promise I'll Teach You Swimming.

Love You Babe!!!!


Yeah, it is weird for my blog untuk ada lagu. It’s been a long time la kot I dah delete my song. Btw, this song is tribute to all Michael Jackson fans. Or what is his Islam name? Mikail. While listening to this song this morning memang rasa ‘he is a rockstar lah’! Dah la this song is listed as my favourite. (T.T)

Goodbye Mr Superstar. We’ll miss you.

24 June 2009


Once I reached at my office I’m blur because I had nothing to do today. So I planned to collect some project tender for my internship report. While I take a look at the big document someone come to me and ask for my help.

So I go to her desk and sit in-front of her PC. I know surely she will ask me to type things. So here we go, I am Secretary Diana this morning. Typing some JPS letter and copying things for her. Btw, isn’t it fishy, for an admin department worker don’t know how to use PC. Even copying things pun need somebody help. I don’t want to say a word because she is older than me, but hello, who will do your things if I finished my intern. You need to know a little bit about computer miss, it is your job, not mine. And begitunya thick-skinned itu wanita, keluar pula once she gave me her job. Luckily I am quite fast doing the typing job nih.

Once I get back to my table. I heard a voice calling me. Heh. The same brutal voice. So I ran to his room and waited to get my next job. I mean, next-tak-masuk-akal-job. HAHA. So here we go, I got a box of color pencil and plans. Sangat banyak copy ok! I need to color the plan. It is so back to kinder-garden mode. And I almost forgot how to color properly. Haih.

So now I sit at my place waiting for someone calling my name and give me another task. Sambil tu main game typing kat facebook. I really does makes me feels like how slow lah my fingers ni! Conclusion, don’t play if you’re such a looser. Hoyeh, delete that application kat FB nanti. Grrrr..

Why everyone talking about Transformer? And why I am not listed as the early bird to watch it. Again, rasa macam looser.

Goodbye. Want to watch movie.

23 June 2009

Something in my mind.

All the ticket is fully booked. I want to watch Transformer so badly!

I not dreaming what I wished I’ll dream. Ala… the magic bear tu.

I think I have a weird skin color now. Seems like ada 4 type of skin color kat badan ni. Muka, leher, badan and tangan. Hish.

He always video call me now, each and every second. So I was like need to make sure tak bermuka busuk each time picking up my phone.

I will be using my maxis number back in few days. But still haven’t top up. (-.-“)

Trying my best to do my report. Still in progress but only 5 pages je yang full of words. Tension.

I think I need a hair cut now. Keguguran rambut melampau since berambut panjang. Ergh.

But I still berangan nak ada rambut panjang paras pinggang bagai model-model di kaca TV.

My mom just told me that this week we might be out for swimming. Hoyeh!!

I think I want to go to Sipadan for my honeymoon sebab Epa makes me rasa tempat itu super cantik.

Certain time I want to wear tudung and be cantik. But I don’t know how. My tudung always berbentuk comot at the end of the day.

I need to wash my car sebab dah terlalu kotor but I am too malas to do that so. Will hold it till the weekend.

My laptop battery is low right now and I am lazy to look for the charger.

Ok, I’m done. Need to publish it fast before my battery out. Hiks. Till then darlings!

p.s: I think I look old with long hair. Sambil buat muka matured. ;p

22 June 2009

Tin kosong.

Hiks. Berperasaan bagai mahu blog. Sedangkan otak empty bagai tin biskut yang kosong tinggal habuk-habuk je kot. ;p

But then still nak cerita something. I dreamt something last night. Something yang weird. Hiks.

I usually tidur dengan seekor bear yang sedang. Tak kisah la ape bear pun, but I must hug something. So dalam tidur I ni, I sleep yang sangat titely lagi nyenyak as someone always said, sleep well. Appreciating tidur. Until suddenly my bear changed to someone yang selalu wishing me good night itu. Yeah itu aneh, untuk seekor bear yang medium size menjadi seorang manusia yang besar. Haha. But still dalam mimpi itu saya comfortable! Surely time tidur tu I senyum sorang-sorang.

Once I bangun I texted my guy, “I dreamt my bear became you last night and I’m hugging it tight till I woke up this morning. Magic. Hope I dream it again tonight.”

Ishh. Less lovey-dovey things in my blog. Shooo all romantic feelings ni.

What else?
Ish… empty lagi. Later lah!


Sepatutnya this entry untuk hari Sabtu bersamaan 19 June 09.

It is Saturday. So I asked my guy out for a date together as sangat lama tak spend my time with him. Even at that moment perut dia sakit bagai washer machine usus dia, he still agrees with me. After sumbat himself ubat and meng-cool-fever-kan dia sebab dia dah nak demam. I get ready and wear tudung segala.

But he still drive as I don’t know how to drive manual car. Tak dapek den nak membantu even you sakit lah!

So we’re heading to OU. Apesal that place? Sebab it is not betul-betul in kl kot. And I know where to shop if kat sane. Haha. Once sampai dia ajak tengok movie tickets as transformer maybe tak dapat tengok sama so we find another movie la kan. Blood at 8p.m. So I have about 4 hours untuk window shopping. Yeay. Window sahaja ok.

Dizzy gila time jalan. Maybe makan durian terlebih day before that. So for the second time I did ask for his permission untuk jadi I yang lama. Yeah, still new tu yang if rasa nak muntah I just hate to have lots of layers on me. Ish. Dia berperut washer machine, I dengan rasa loya bagai ibu yang bakal mengandung. So can you imagine our face time jalan?

But then I still want to berjalan-jalan. Quicksilver/Roxy is my first destination as I planned to buy something for him for our second monthsary. I pegi kat tempat wallet and ask him to choose as sangat tak pandai la ohh pilih guy’s stuff.

While I tengah busy choosing the wallet someone at my back saying, “again”.
Well, AGAIN kat quicksilver boutique. Memang berjodoh la kita yeah. Speechless sebab before nak pegi OU calculate banyak kali siapa yang I will have a bump kali ni. But then dengan muka chill kiteorang cari lagi wallet for him.

Makan kebab. Buy some other stuff. Hey, is this or first time go shopping together? Now you know, even I tak hebat naik gunung segala, tapi I hebat berjalan laju non stop for hours. And it must be at shopping centre dan bukannya trekking kat hutan. ;p

Blood sangat best walaupun pada awalnya mmg I make ‘ala.. kena tengok cite ni ke?’. Cuma, ending dia macam aneh. And apesal Onigen punya baju gerbang-gerbang itu cantik? And nak berpedang jugak la ohhh!

So it is my Saturday, bangun, get ready utk keluar, then OU sampai malam, tidur. Ishh.. penat.


I still had no mood to write anything write now. My mind kind off slow because my body digested too many durians. Haha.

Later darlings!

19 June 2009


For few days.
Take care darlings.

18 June 2009

Good Driver, no?

I drive almost everyday in my life since I got my license.

And seriously said, my temper became worst each day after that.

I might be ‘less cursing’ at my normal state.

But I cursed a lot while I’m driving.

It is not a good attitude after all.

Makes me less girl and same like the uncivilized people.

Define uncivilized, for me they just don’t know how to behave as human.

So I am 20 percent uncivilized.

Maybe more.


And it increases because I started to make it as a habit.

When I can’t control my moods and my mode, I cursed.

When they make me loathe, I cursed silently in my heart.

When I complain bout my sucks life, I cursed.

So, it is all starts from that driving habit.


A good driver wont cursed while driving.


A good driver knows how to change their lane.

First they give the signal.

When everything is in the save mode,

They will slowly change the lane.


And they did consider bout the motorcyclers.

No staying at the center of the lane, stopped.

Until makes the motorcycle need to change their pathway.

(Haha.. macam weird je my words ni.)

Btw, I saw that just now.

Luckily I still can consider bout others.


A good driver consider bout others.


For each road they’re limits.

Common speed limits are 80 km/hr.

I drive constantly 70km/hr when I am in a blur mode.

Or maybe less around 60km/hr.

My feet don’t really feel the pedals.

And my mind not working properly.


But the speeds will increases when I am not in the mood.

I’ll drive up to 120km/hr with my nari-nari.

With my mouth cursing about anything that I saw.

And I can feel the car is not stable macam mahu terbang punya perasaan.

Not like naik flight punya type, but kereta terbalik type.

Better I let my co-driver to drive when I’m not in mood.


A good driver always follows the limit and stayed at the proper lane.


I still am learning to be a good driver. :|

17 June 2009


What should I do to make me less tempered?

Sadly, I just can’t figure it out how.
And I just messed up my day by cursing, complaining and says bad things bout him to others.
And I did drive crazily.
And a lil’ bit of crying.
Damn I hate that person.

But then, how I can still laugh while I telling others my sad story ni?
I am unpredictable!

16 June 2009


I just got my bill.
222smses costs me RM26.64
while my calls only cost me about RM9.66
Damn, more calls compared to text after this!

And I talk about 60 hours last month. Cheapkan?



Just now I did having my lunch at Danga Bay. Don’t ask me how come I work at Kulai suddenly having my lunch kat DB. It is so complicated. I sat at the corner of the kopitiam but I still can see people walking. Suddenly I saw a teenager with a green hair. Sangat green like daun kat pokok. And I was like, “Look at his hair!”

He wears same colour jeans too. Sangat la aneh but cool, so I said to my friend, “I want a weird friend too, someone with daring hair colour or yang appearances dia boleh buat everyone looking at ‘it’ sampai I can feel the attention too.”

Someone who might get my attention:

- Piercing yang over-dose. Like ada kat telinga, then kening, hidung, and bawah mulut. And that person is guy with long emo hair.

- Some girls who wear tudung but still have their hair shown at the back. And it is blonde with her nose pierced. She caught my attention badly.

- Guy yang holding his gf’s handbag. IDK why, I just can’t stop looking at them sebab kesian. But maybe for his gf, he is sweet but it is a big no for me.

- A bunch of school children yang acting like we-are-good and wearing pakaian yang aneh-aneh dan tidak pernah kelihatan dimana-mana butik pakaian. And they smoke. Ish.

- Someone yang ada curl hair melampau. Yeah, envy them! Curls begitu sgt unik!

Ish.. will continue later. Terlalu ngantuk. Later!

15 June 2009


Today is so not my day.
So not my day.
Macam everything bad happens today.

Firstly I woke up late.
And it is my bed’s fault because sangat comfort.
After get ready, I twitting for a while, having my breakfast.


So I go to my friend house, which I don’t know where. And I only have a map with me. DIY map yang sumpah I don’t know how to read it. It is not her fault but mine. So stupid, even a simple map pun I can get lost. (-.-“)

I confidently drive following the map until at a part of the place, I get confused. So I follow what my heart’s said and it usually said, go to the place that you like means it must be cute place. But then I found dead end. I’m blur and called my friend, asked her where is her house. The more she explains, the more I get confused. And I just end the phone call and try to read the map again. I keep driving, wasting the gas of my car. Bad Yana.

My friend call me back to ask where I am. The most common building that I saw is Cempaka punya food court. And she gave me the direction to her house from there. Thank god I found her house at last. And I did u-turn before I found that jalan. How stupid am I~

I take a glance at my car’s clock, its 9.30a.m. And I am wondering around that taman for an hour. Gila first time I felt like ape je. A bad start. : (


Then, I’m having my lunch at Tesco Kulai. And the road there sangat la banyak lori! After having my lunch I drive back to my site office. Ada three junction road ni, and I need to go to the other lane of the road. I saw a lorry, big lorry. It seems like slow, so I just keluar je la.

Suddenly I heard a big horn. PONNNN… I get nervous sampai changed my lane, I don’t want to get accident by a BIG lorry. Once tengok mirror belakang, lori tu still jauh. I mean tade la macam nak langgar ke ape. The horn saja je exaggerating the situation. Malu oii.

I drive still at the left lane slowing down and let the lorry go. But maybe Tuhan sayang I lebih, I got chance to overlap the lorry. I just drive in front of the lorry, drive slowly and laugh like crazy. I mean, gila thick skinned I ni. It is totally my fault but I boleh acting like I am not guilty lgsg.

Btw, I still malu till now. Haiyaaaa..


I’m wearing my roxy flop to my office with extra shoes incase I did go to the site. I happily melompat using my slipper. But then suddenly the contractor came with his son and his driver kot. I just ignored them as usual kot. Wearing my shoes and watching the machine buat kerja mereka. Once nak masuk to the site office I left my flop at the other cabin. I still can see them before masuk to my cabin.

But when I go out for the next 10 minutes, the flop is missing. And I was like takkan a girl’s flop boleh hilang kat site yang everyone is guy! So macam weird. I try cari kat each part of the cabin, all the three cabins. Siap merayau kat site cari for my flop, but I can’t find it. Why it must be mine?

Conclusion, I need to buy new flop. No offence. Haha. I am not wasting my money, tp I need it. Okey~

So today is so not my day. Three things happen in a row. Ta include yang I need to wait kat traffic light for half and hour sebab traffic light itu kurang pandai membahagikan masa kat each lane. Haihh~

Ok, want to eat. Later!

Btw, I still chill~
: )

14 June 2009


I miss them like much! Next week diorg will not be with me anymore, surely JPS will not be the same lagi. But they promised that they will always ask me out during the weekend. Yeay! Good luck anak-anak and enjoy your hols!


Baby la ohh,

I still want to update something sedangkan I had nothing in mind.

As you know, I will change my url by this midnight. Oh I am so excited. And I still haven’t book for that url. I hope there will be no problem during the changing url sessions tonight.

And I just realized that, my blog age hasn’t reached one year age but I already changed my url like few times. Haha. And I did forgotten what is my first url since changing to blogger. Hiks. Like so damn banyak la kan. Luckily I can’t changed my name kalau tak surely dah 100 times tukar nama. ;p

As you well known about me, weekend will be my sleeping day if I had nothing in my organizer. I woke up at 10.30, washed my face and brush my teeth and continuing my sleep. I don’t know what my reason of waking up at that moment. Then I awake at 12.10 with shocked. Without thinking of anything I just walk down stair with that ‘baru bangun’ face. Suddenly I saw my uncle at the dining room reading news paper. I thought I was dreaming so I ignored what I saw suddenly I heard a small voices laughing at me. My cousins did laugh to see my selekehness waktu baru bangun tido with my hantu hair and what so ever blurness. Humpp!

But then my dear baby is here with me for few hours. I miss to spend my time with her. Her dimples really do make me feels like want to bite her chubby face. I give her junk foods as she love to eat. (Have my sis genetics maybe) Watched Upin Ipin. Haha. This girl is cute. As I can see she’s growing up memang best. Since her first day born till now she is nearly 2 years old. She is cute la.

Enough talking about my baby.
I want to complain, my bf haven’t wake up lagi even I called him like thousands times and talk to him. He still continue his sleep without even thinking bout the time. How bad is it? Really bad!

13 June 2009

Changing my url

Just now I did go out with my practical friends. To be specific, I’m going out with Syima and Dayah. I don’t know la kan since when three of us become so close. But then, I love to spend my time with them. Thanks girls or what did I call both of u? Anak-anakku? Haha.

So I watched Jangan Pandang Belakang Congkak (JPBC). As most of you know, I am not into Malay’s movie sbb I can watch it free during raya. But as they insist untuk tengok, so I just give it a damn la kan. Seriously it is fun even macam sumpah tak logic and tiada motif punya movie. Maybe memang they target to make it as a comedy movie without any focus kot. I am not totally say tak best sebab cerita takde motif ni certain time buat I rasa, wth I’m watching this type of cite kan. Best la kot when it comes to funny punye part. And I just can’t stop laughing time three of them nak bertukar being the ghost. Memang ketawa sampai nangis. :D

If someone yang really penyokong filem Malaysia pegi la tengok. But if someone yang not into merepekness punya movie, just tunggu raya je la. ;p


Finally, the war had found their end. Thank God.


I want to change my url. (Again?!!)

Yes, I want to be me. I am not self obsessed lagi now. I mean, I do not love me too much lagi sebab I need to share it with others now. So, I would like it to be more me. Even my url pun nak something yang represents myself. Woahhhh… Tanak gediks la pula. So starts from next week a.k.a 15/06/09 my url is http://diana-naubi.blogspot.com/
Hopefully no one with take that url sebab just now it is still available. Hiks. So please update the url k nanti. :D

And, I will make my blog as public. I just don’t know what my main reason is, so don’t ask me why.

Oh sleepy. So good night guys.
Enjoy PD darling, not forgetting, Yanti too!

12 June 2009


I did tell bout this to Alif so he would expect what I would say lah kan. Ishh..
Pretend like you don’t know okey.

As you know, now kan musim durian.
And I can see the durian’s stall everywhere I go.
The smells of that durian sangat seducing ok.
Like menarik-narik me to eat it.

I still remember,
Last season punya musin durian.
I did ask my dad, “Abah I want durian.”
But nothing happen the next day tu.
So I asked my mom pula, “Ma, ana kempunan durian.”
The next day my mom bought 3 biji durian.
We ate together that night.
This gila greedy Yana said, “Ishh.. na lagi la durian.”
Esoknya while my dad balik kerja.
He called everyone.
And guess what,
He brings seguni of durian=berbiji-biji of durian.
Damn sumpah gila banyak until I said, “Woahhh.. heaven durian.”
But then I realized, sangat banyak okey!
Muak, muak dan muak.
But then I still keep eating.
Bubur kacang letak durian.
Dalam fridge ada durian.
Kat Tupperware pun durian.
Blakang rumah, kulit durian.
Even dalam kereta pun still bau durian.
So since that I did think that durian did haunting me.

And I never ask for durian since that moment.
Last year je pun kot. ;p ;p
Even sangat gila craving for durian now pun.
I still keep it in my heart, locked.
Takmoh weh dikejar hantu durian. ;p

My mom’s home!!
And she brings durian!!!
Thank God.

p.s: Ish Hakim, next week if I can go there kita makan durian kat dusun durian as we planed eh. Hihi. And jangan lupa beli air badak okay. :D

11 June 2009


I received this message before from my bf.

“I sayang u bermillion million million million lemon.”

And I replied him.

“I sayang u macam atom-atom yang ada kat UTM and it will grows sampai satu malaysia due to time. Atom-atom includes semua benda tau.”


Certain time when I asked him,

“Sayang, how much did u love me?”

He replied,

“I sayang u sampai I rasa nak bunuh you.”
(Actually I’m the one who invented that word.)



One day I did seriously bored while waiting my lunch, so I text him.

“U, I sayang you macam penguin yang sanggup jalan kat gurun.”

He asked me.

“Pengguin mana boleh hidup kat panas.”

I replied.

“That’s why I say, I am the special penguin yang sanggup do anything for its love. Unique. ;p”

And it was like, I know I am weird.
I tell my friends bout my new ‘perumpamaan’.


Dayah drive the car and it is jam at the moment. Suddenly she says.

“I sayang u macam semut yang sanggup seberang jalan 4 lane with crazy traffic.”

Uh oh? All of my friends laugh.


Hakim, ilysm.
Simple, tak payah all those words. ;p


Oh well I’m busy with my other blog. Just finished changed the layout. Hope you like it darling! *Make that satisfied face*

Today, nothing much but I think I got diarrhea. I keep saying it is that KFC fire-fire punye chicken. Sedangkan my other family members tade pula kena. Haih, maybe my dear tummy can’t accept the taste as I keep complaining, “why tak pedas nihh?”
So well, my tummy is flat now. Flat like that model type la oh. I can wear tube without worried bout buncit-ness. HAHA. But still, I can’t be like Nicole lagi la kan.

I met my boss today. Asking him either I can stay at the site office for a week. Maybe Kulai is far compared to Larkin, but then I prefer to be outside of the office atmospheres. I just can’t stand to see all those fake faces. Hopefully the contractor doesn’t mind to have two new sweet-and-sopan chics at his site. ;p

To Mr-technician-yang-don’t-want-to-see-practical-students-at-your-site-bcoz-we-rejected-your-offer-to-have-date-with-you, we’re out from your sight. And I am damn glad cause I am sick to face you at the office. Heh, tot you’re the only one la kan yang can loathing with others. Heh, four of us hate you right now because of you childish behaviors okeyy. Go and get the mirror dear ‘dad’. And be professional please, you’re old enough. ;p ;p ;p

Ish… I did say bad things about my office again.
Bad Diana. (-.-“)

10 June 2009


Just now my mom did bring back new KFC chicken yang I heard that the chicken is damn spicy from the advertisement in the radio.
So I prepared a bottle of Pepsi in order it is damn spicy until I can’t barely run to get my drink.
I am the first person who ate it sedangkan my mother already served it quite a while, maybe they are too scared to try. ;p
So I take a bite of that pity drumstick.
Well, it is not spicy pun!
I mean, letak sos lagi pedas la wey.
Or maybe sambal belacan lagi pedas.
Or my mom’s asam pedas lagi pedas.
See… the advertisement did exaggerate the spicy-ness sedangkan it is not that type of gila pedas pun.
Btw, I love being home sbb the food is great and it is free.
And I still get my allowances. Yeah, heaven.
But, why I need to work?
And why lah I keep complaining?

Next entry tak boleh kutuk my job. I need to accept it as it is my choice.


First of all I would like to say,

It’s been two days I take a leave from that office. Hell yeah I still can accept the atmosphere there. I felt terribly full of hatred each time thinking of it. Seriously I started to hate my internship or to be specific I hate my office. I don’t mind wasting my time going to some crappy site following strangers right now compared to seeing all that fake faces. Sometimes, I need to be like one of them, pretending to like them while I hate them. Please, I need to be there for 4 more weeks. Give me the strength!

Did you realize me always saying bad things about my office?

Here is the bright side of being there, the other practical students. Well, I’m not going to my office yesterday, all of the girls not going. Me, Cma and Dayah did going somewhere else and it is unplanned. We’re going to Tanjung Balau together. It only costs us about RM20 per head. (For the gas and our lunch.) Hihi. But afterward we did do our routine, karaoke-ing. The difference is all of us being us today. Melompat bagai penyanyi rock dan menyanyi lagu yang out of range. But then we really had fun. And it’s maybe for the last because Dayah and Cma dah habis their intern by this week. Gonna miss you guys. And surely the others cannot make me laugh like you guys did.

And did I tell you that I’m going to that Nabila’s house again. Even masuk time petang, I still felt that is something wrong with that house. Creepy. I can’t stop shivering (betul ke guna vocab ni?) while kat rumah tu. I did thinking bout Yanti, Cha, Batax and Syafiq. Yeah, I miss you guys jugak!

So I had a crazy day yesterday. Until this morning while my guy called me as usual to wake me up I just can’t find the mood to work today. Headache with null mood. From my room I did continuing my sleep at my parent room until 10 o’clock. Damn I had more than enough sleep today. That’s why I can write more than usual kot now. ;p

Enough I want to dig for junk food.

p.s: Why it is so damn hot nowadays? Summer eh?

07 June 2009

Love it!

Location: Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 Block apetah punya playground.

Photographer: Irena (Thanks la adek, smart dowh!)

Motif: Hell yeah it is hot to be at home while sumpah gila crowded kat situ.

Damn! Damn! Damn!
I loveeeee these pictures!

06 June 2009


Yesterday I did talk to Hakim. Yeah we talk about every hour per day but just now it is different. He is recovering from his fever and I think he had some wiring problem in his brain. Ahahaha. And I realized something new lagi, he is becoming me. Acting just like me, totally! I guess Diana’s virus had been spreading to him la kot.

Fact About Virus Diana.
- Singing while someone did saying something to me. (NEW)
- Love to talk craps.
- Use metaphor in each conversation.
- I think weirdly.
- Laugh, laugh & laugh.
- Just don’t know how to stop the conversation.
- If moody gila sumpah haram ego.

So our conversation yesterday does reminds me of me. And it is so great to find someone just like me.

Current song that we keep singing.
- Pergi – Aizat
- Kukata dengan indah – Peterpan – Verse: Kau hancurkan hatiku, hancurkan lagi.
- Pergilah sayang? Sapetah nyanyi.
- Siapalah aku – Amy mastura.

Haha. Sengal, seriously.

Okey, I need to get ready to attend a kenduri and family reunion di singapura. To Hakim, don’t miss your starfish. WTH am I talking about ni. Don’t miss me too much okay. Hiks.


04 June 2009


Sumpah, gila sweet.

p.s: Epa, i promote your blog skali ni. ;p

03 June 2009


My lecturer yang should be evaluate me for my intern dah datang tadi. Everything goes well as I know him. Please ask me who is him. ;p

Hoyeh, I had nothing to do now pula. So, I did go to the 'guys' places and forced them to read my blog. Yeah, one of them is still reading la oh. Another one dah lari pula so i use his laptop to update my blog. Pinjam la oh your laptop mister, i didn't bring mine today. :(

Nak bebel ape eh? I lost my appetite since bila tah. Everything semua macam tak sedap. Sure my weight dah kurang sebab each day memang makin lupa nak makan. Don't blame my mom. Dia masak sedap cuma I ni je yang tak reti nak appreciate makanan. Tolong la hantar I pegi Africa so that I know how they suffer sebab tak makan.

I dah start to minum weight gain balik but nothing happen. How sad is that?

Oh, i watched Bionik sikit again tuari. My fizow is there too!!! But dapat watak jahat. But then, he still hot like always. Apesal tah i can fall for Hero Remaja. ;p Serious, even watak jahat pun i still can see that he is gila damn sweet. Haiya. Btw, someone said Intan Ladyana itu cute. Eishhh... mana ada!

Ahh bosan. Later!

01 June 2009


I’m having my lunch with my technician today after visiting our site. While having our lunch he did smoke like almost of the time. And at that moment, I saw he bought a new box of cigarettes.

So I started the conversation.

Me: Encik, nomally encik sehari berapa kotak rokok encik hisap?
S: Entah. Ikut mood aku la, tak tentu.
(Dia buat muka cramp tengok kotak rokok dia.)
S: Kadang-kadang satu kotak, kadang-kadang sampai dua.
Me: Oh ok. Hari ni je dah 11 rokok encik hisap.
S: Aku kalau pegi site memang banyak la hisap, tapi kalau kat office tak banyak sangat.
Me: Heleh, penah je saya tengok encik smoke time kat office. Dalam air-cond yang sesakkan dada lagi.
S: Tapi kurang jugakkan. Apesal kau tanya ni.
Me: Takde la, saje je nak tanya.
(I amik kotak rokok tu, ada gamba kanser leher. Erghh.)
Me: Encik tak takut sakit?
(Sambil tunjuk gambar kat kotak rokok tu.)
S: Kau percaya benda tu? Alah, tipu je tu. Saja je nak orang tak smoking lagi. Lagipun tu untuk orang yang dah lama smoking.
Me: Encik smoke sejak bila?
S: Form 3.
Me: Umur encik sekarang?
S: 27.
Me: Tak rasa dah lama? Sure jantung dah rabak.
(I buat muka sarcastic gila. ;p)
S: Takpe. Susah nak berhenti. Lagipun gambar tu tipu.
Me: Menang la encik. Keep on smoking eh.

Take note, smoker memang gila sumpah degil tak paham bahasa. Even letak gambar evil macam mana pun diorang tetap pilih tembakau itu. Heh. Tak cerita lagi pasal En Z yang hampir semua kotak rokok dia ada, siap collect gambar hodoh-hodoh tu. Aneh!

Eh, bila masa tukar language ni?

Goodbye May, hello June.
: )