11 June 2009


Oh well I’m busy with my other blog. Just finished changed the layout. Hope you like it darling! *Make that satisfied face*

Today, nothing much but I think I got diarrhea. I keep saying it is that KFC fire-fire punye chicken. Sedangkan my other family members tade pula kena. Haih, maybe my dear tummy can’t accept the taste as I keep complaining, “why tak pedas nihh?”
So well, my tummy is flat now. Flat like that model type la oh. I can wear tube without worried bout buncit-ness. HAHA. But still, I can’t be like Nicole lagi la kan.

I met my boss today. Asking him either I can stay at the site office for a week. Maybe Kulai is far compared to Larkin, but then I prefer to be outside of the office atmospheres. I just can’t stand to see all those fake faces. Hopefully the contractor doesn’t mind to have two new sweet-and-sopan chics at his site. ;p

To Mr-technician-yang-don’t-want-to-see-practical-students-at-your-site-bcoz-we-rejected-your-offer-to-have-date-with-you, we’re out from your sight. And I am damn glad cause I am sick to face you at the office. Heh, tot you’re the only one la kan yang can loathing with others. Heh, four of us hate you right now because of you childish behaviors okeyy. Go and get the mirror dear ‘dad’. And be professional please, you’re old enough. ;p ;p ;p

Ish… I did say bad things about my office again.
Bad Diana. (-.-“)


bijan87 said...

Hii, cam ada perang dunia ketiga ngan technician jee

Diana said...

uhh... ni perang yg melampau. perang saudara dalam office. ;p ;p

ChUcK SaGaCiOuS said...

slamat bergelapan cmtu...