06 June 2009


Yesterday I did talk to Hakim. Yeah we talk about every hour per day but just now it is different. He is recovering from his fever and I think he had some wiring problem in his brain. Ahahaha. And I realized something new lagi, he is becoming me. Acting just like me, totally! I guess Diana’s virus had been spreading to him la kot.

Fact About Virus Diana.
- Singing while someone did saying something to me. (NEW)
- Love to talk craps.
- Use metaphor in each conversation.
- I think weirdly.
- Laugh, laugh & laugh.
- Just don’t know how to stop the conversation.
- If moody gila sumpah haram ego.

So our conversation yesterday does reminds me of me. And it is so great to find someone just like me.

Current song that we keep singing.
- Pergi – Aizat
- Kukata dengan indah – Peterpan – Verse: Kau hancurkan hatiku, hancurkan lagi.
- Pergilah sayang? Sapetah nyanyi.
- Siapalah aku – Amy mastura.

Haha. Sengal, seriously.

Okey, I need to get ready to attend a kenduri and family reunion di singapura. To Hakim, don’t miss your starfish. WTH am I talking about ni. Don’t miss me too much okay. Hiks.