13 June 2009

Changing my url

Just now I did go out with my practical friends. To be specific, I’m going out with Syima and Dayah. I don’t know la kan since when three of us become so close. But then, I love to spend my time with them. Thanks girls or what did I call both of u? Anak-anakku? Haha.

So I watched Jangan Pandang Belakang Congkak (JPBC). As most of you know, I am not into Malay’s movie sbb I can watch it free during raya. But as they insist untuk tengok, so I just give it a damn la kan. Seriously it is fun even macam sumpah tak logic and tiada motif punya movie. Maybe memang they target to make it as a comedy movie without any focus kot. I am not totally say tak best sebab cerita takde motif ni certain time buat I rasa, wth I’m watching this type of cite kan. Best la kot when it comes to funny punye part. And I just can’t stop laughing time three of them nak bertukar being the ghost. Memang ketawa sampai nangis. :D

If someone yang really penyokong filem Malaysia pegi la tengok. But if someone yang not into merepekness punya movie, just tunggu raya je la. ;p


Finally, the war had found their end. Thank God.


I want to change my url. (Again?!!)

Yes, I want to be me. I am not self obsessed lagi now. I mean, I do not love me too much lagi sebab I need to share it with others now. So, I would like it to be more me. Even my url pun nak something yang represents myself. Woahhhh… Tanak gediks la pula. So starts from next week a.k.a 15/06/09 my url is http://diana-naubi.blogspot.com/
Hopefully no one with take that url sebab just now it is still available. Hiks. So please update the url k nanti. :D

And, I will make my blog as public. I just don’t know what my main reason is, so don’t ask me why.

Oh sleepy. So good night guys.
Enjoy PD darling, not forgetting, Yanti too!


baskettoman_sg said...

kan.. ketawa sampai nangiskan?.. hehe. yna just imagine la jijot ketawa dlm wyg mcm mane.. ala.. cite ni diorg buat mcm scary movie la.. make fun of cite antu yang sebelum ni.. kinda fun rite?

Diana said...

mmg fun. ketawa je time bertukar hantu tu. jijot lg la hantu ketawa kan, surely mmg meriah wyg tu. ;p