18 June 2009

Good Driver, no?

I drive almost everyday in my life since I got my license.

And seriously said, my temper became worst each day after that.

I might be ‘less cursing’ at my normal state.

But I cursed a lot while I’m driving.

It is not a good attitude after all.

Makes me less girl and same like the uncivilized people.

Define uncivilized, for me they just don’t know how to behave as human.

So I am 20 percent uncivilized.

Maybe more.


And it increases because I started to make it as a habit.

When I can’t control my moods and my mode, I cursed.

When they make me loathe, I cursed silently in my heart.

When I complain bout my sucks life, I cursed.

So, it is all starts from that driving habit.


A good driver wont cursed while driving.


A good driver knows how to change their lane.

First they give the signal.

When everything is in the save mode,

They will slowly change the lane.


And they did consider bout the motorcyclers.

No staying at the center of the lane, stopped.

Until makes the motorcycle need to change their pathway.

(Haha.. macam weird je my words ni.)

Btw, I saw that just now.

Luckily I still can consider bout others.


A good driver consider bout others.


For each road they’re limits.

Common speed limits are 80 km/hr.

I drive constantly 70km/hr when I am in a blur mode.

Or maybe less around 60km/hr.

My feet don’t really feel the pedals.

And my mind not working properly.


But the speeds will increases when I am not in the mood.

I’ll drive up to 120km/hr with my nari-nari.

With my mouth cursing about anything that I saw.

And I can feel the car is not stable macam mahu terbang punya perasaan.

Not like naik flight punya type, but kereta terbalik type.

Better I let my co-driver to drive when I’m not in mood.


A good driver always follows the limit and stayed at the proper lane.


I still am learning to be a good driver. :|


sonik-malam said...

u need to be more mellow babe...
by some point being mellow n calm has a good function i guess...lol~:D

ChUcK SaGaCiOuS said...

owh...dont ask me to ride
dgn u when u bcome one...
im such an impatient pssnger
kot dat time...huhu

Diana said...

treing my best to change!
Bad yana. (-.-")

baskettoman_sg said...

yana mmg merbahayakan btol ble bwk kete.. :P

Diana said...

Mane ade!!!