29 June 2009


I woke up kind of late today. Need to mandi and get ready for shopping. Haha. I need to buy orange baju kurung for my cousin weeding. I’m so excited as it is the first time I shop for baju kurung and need to buy tudung sekali.

So we’re heading to Angsana. I need to drive because my mom not in mood to drive kot. I drive carefully as my mom always complain bout my driving skills. Sedangkan I always think that I am a good driver. Heh. Gila perasan.

Pusing around there and survey for the cheapest punya baju. Haha. Ye lah! Orange okay, so not my colour surely tak selalu pakai, so don’t waste my mom’s money. Anak yang super baik I know. ;p

Makan bagai hantu raya yang tak makan for weeks. Order je as parent bayar. Hihi. But then banyak je left over. Bad habit meh! Don’t blame me okay. Irena seems like enjoying eating but still can pose cantik while taking pictures. Ergh. Fake! ;p

Heh, enough with dairy thingy. Till then darlings.


irena said...

dh mmg akuw cantek, natural posing. *wink wink wink wink wink*
moks, gelap glite ni. nnt g klas smue pgl akuw dak itam. =(