15 June 2009


Today is so not my day.
So not my day.
Macam everything bad happens today.

Firstly I woke up late.
And it is my bed’s fault because sangat comfort.
After get ready, I twitting for a while, having my breakfast.


So I go to my friend house, which I don’t know where. And I only have a map with me. DIY map yang sumpah I don’t know how to read it. It is not her fault but mine. So stupid, even a simple map pun I can get lost. (-.-“)

I confidently drive following the map until at a part of the place, I get confused. So I follow what my heart’s said and it usually said, go to the place that you like means it must be cute place. But then I found dead end. I’m blur and called my friend, asked her where is her house. The more she explains, the more I get confused. And I just end the phone call and try to read the map again. I keep driving, wasting the gas of my car. Bad Yana.

My friend call me back to ask where I am. The most common building that I saw is Cempaka punya food court. And she gave me the direction to her house from there. Thank god I found her house at last. And I did u-turn before I found that jalan. How stupid am I~

I take a glance at my car’s clock, its 9.30a.m. And I am wondering around that taman for an hour. Gila first time I felt like ape je. A bad start. : (


Then, I’m having my lunch at Tesco Kulai. And the road there sangat la banyak lori! After having my lunch I drive back to my site office. Ada three junction road ni, and I need to go to the other lane of the road. I saw a lorry, big lorry. It seems like slow, so I just keluar je la.

Suddenly I heard a big horn. PONNNN… I get nervous sampai changed my lane, I don’t want to get accident by a BIG lorry. Once tengok mirror belakang, lori tu still jauh. I mean tade la macam nak langgar ke ape. The horn saja je exaggerating the situation. Malu oii.

I drive still at the left lane slowing down and let the lorry go. But maybe Tuhan sayang I lebih, I got chance to overlap the lorry. I just drive in front of the lorry, drive slowly and laugh like crazy. I mean, gila thick skinned I ni. It is totally my fault but I boleh acting like I am not guilty lgsg.

Btw, I still malu till now. Haiyaaaa..


I’m wearing my roxy flop to my office with extra shoes incase I did go to the site. I happily melompat using my slipper. But then suddenly the contractor came with his son and his driver kot. I just ignored them as usual kot. Wearing my shoes and watching the machine buat kerja mereka. Once nak masuk to the site office I left my flop at the other cabin. I still can see them before masuk to my cabin.

But when I go out for the next 10 minutes, the flop is missing. And I was like takkan a girl’s flop boleh hilang kat site yang everyone is guy! So macam weird. I try cari kat each part of the cabin, all the three cabins. Siap merayau kat site cari for my flop, but I can’t find it. Why it must be mine?

Conclusion, I need to buy new flop. No offence. Haha. I am not wasting my money, tp I need it. Okey~

So today is so not my day. Three things happen in a row. Ta include yang I need to wait kat traffic light for half and hour sebab traffic light itu kurang pandai membahagikan masa kat each lane. Haihh~

Ok, want to eat. Later!

Btw, I still chill~
: )


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Hee. Chill la ni. But next time i dah tanak drive. Malas!