10 June 2009


First of all I would like to say,

It’s been two days I take a leave from that office. Hell yeah I still can accept the atmosphere there. I felt terribly full of hatred each time thinking of it. Seriously I started to hate my internship or to be specific I hate my office. I don’t mind wasting my time going to some crappy site following strangers right now compared to seeing all that fake faces. Sometimes, I need to be like one of them, pretending to like them while I hate them. Please, I need to be there for 4 more weeks. Give me the strength!

Did you realize me always saying bad things about my office?

Here is the bright side of being there, the other practical students. Well, I’m not going to my office yesterday, all of the girls not going. Me, Cma and Dayah did going somewhere else and it is unplanned. We’re going to Tanjung Balau together. It only costs us about RM20 per head. (For the gas and our lunch.) Hihi. But afterward we did do our routine, karaoke-ing. The difference is all of us being us today. Melompat bagai penyanyi rock dan menyanyi lagu yang out of range. But then we really had fun. And it’s maybe for the last because Dayah and Cma dah habis their intern by this week. Gonna miss you guys. And surely the others cannot make me laugh like you guys did.

And did I tell you that I’m going to that Nabila’s house again. Even masuk time petang, I still felt that is something wrong with that house. Creepy. I can’t stop shivering (betul ke guna vocab ni?) while kat rumah tu. I did thinking bout Yanti, Cha, Batax and Syafiq. Yeah, I miss you guys jugak!

So I had a crazy day yesterday. Until this morning while my guy called me as usual to wake me up I just can’t find the mood to work today. Headache with null mood. From my room I did continuing my sleep at my parent room until 10 o’clock. Damn I had more than enough sleep today. That’s why I can write more than usual kot now. ;p

Enough I want to dig for junk food.

p.s: Why it is so damn hot nowadays? Summer eh?