14 June 2009

Baby la ohh,

I still want to update something sedangkan I had nothing in mind.

As you know, I will change my url by this midnight. Oh I am so excited. And I still haven’t book for that url. I hope there will be no problem during the changing url sessions tonight.

And I just realized that, my blog age hasn’t reached one year age but I already changed my url like few times. Haha. And I did forgotten what is my first url since changing to blogger. Hiks. Like so damn banyak la kan. Luckily I can’t changed my name kalau tak surely dah 100 times tukar nama. ;p

As you well known about me, weekend will be my sleeping day if I had nothing in my organizer. I woke up at 10.30, washed my face and brush my teeth and continuing my sleep. I don’t know what my reason of waking up at that moment. Then I awake at 12.10 with shocked. Without thinking of anything I just walk down stair with that ‘baru bangun’ face. Suddenly I saw my uncle at the dining room reading news paper. I thought I was dreaming so I ignored what I saw suddenly I heard a small voices laughing at me. My cousins did laugh to see my selekehness waktu baru bangun tido with my hantu hair and what so ever blurness. Humpp!

But then my dear baby is here with me for few hours. I miss to spend my time with her. Her dimples really do make me feels like want to bite her chubby face. I give her junk foods as she love to eat. (Have my sis genetics maybe) Watched Upin Ipin. Haha. This girl is cute. As I can see she’s growing up memang best. Since her first day born till now she is nearly 2 years old. She is cute la.

Enough talking about my baby.
I want to complain, my bf haven’t wake up lagi even I called him like thousands times and talk to him. He still continue his sleep without even thinking bout the time. How bad is it? Really bad!