16 June 2009



Just now I did having my lunch at Danga Bay. Don’t ask me how come I work at Kulai suddenly having my lunch kat DB. It is so complicated. I sat at the corner of the kopitiam but I still can see people walking. Suddenly I saw a teenager with a green hair. Sangat green like daun kat pokok. And I was like, “Look at his hair!”

He wears same colour jeans too. Sangat la aneh but cool, so I said to my friend, “I want a weird friend too, someone with daring hair colour or yang appearances dia boleh buat everyone looking at ‘it’ sampai I can feel the attention too.”

Someone who might get my attention:

- Piercing yang over-dose. Like ada kat telinga, then kening, hidung, and bawah mulut. And that person is guy with long emo hair.

- Some girls who wear tudung but still have their hair shown at the back. And it is blonde with her nose pierced. She caught my attention badly.

- Guy yang holding his gf’s handbag. IDK why, I just can’t stop looking at them sebab kesian. But maybe for his gf, he is sweet but it is a big no for me.

- A bunch of school children yang acting like we-are-good and wearing pakaian yang aneh-aneh dan tidak pernah kelihatan dimana-mana butik pakaian. And they smoke. Ish.

- Someone yang ada curl hair melampau. Yeah, envy them! Curls begitu sgt unik!

Ish.. will continue later. Terlalu ngantuk. Later!


ChUcK SaGaCiOuS said...

huhu..nk tnya gak...
nape smpai dnga bay...?

Diana said...

Haha. Sebab yana cabut kerja. Malas ohh na buat kije.

ChUcK SaGaCiOuS said...

tu jer bole ckp...