23 June 2009

Something in my mind.

All the ticket is fully booked. I want to watch Transformer so badly!

I not dreaming what I wished I’ll dream. Ala… the magic bear tu.

I think I have a weird skin color now. Seems like ada 4 type of skin color kat badan ni. Muka, leher, badan and tangan. Hish.

He always video call me now, each and every second. So I was like need to make sure tak bermuka busuk each time picking up my phone.

I will be using my maxis number back in few days. But still haven’t top up. (-.-“)

Trying my best to do my report. Still in progress but only 5 pages je yang full of words. Tension.

I think I need a hair cut now. Keguguran rambut melampau since berambut panjang. Ergh.

But I still berangan nak ada rambut panjang paras pinggang bagai model-model di kaca TV.

My mom just told me that this week we might be out for swimming. Hoyeh!!

I think I want to go to Sipadan for my honeymoon sebab Epa makes me rasa tempat itu super cantik.

Certain time I want to wear tudung and be cantik. But I don’t know how. My tudung always berbentuk comot at the end of the day.

I need to wash my car sebab dah terlalu kotor but I am too malas to do that so. Will hold it till the weekend.

My laptop battery is low right now and I am lazy to look for the charger.

Ok, I’m done. Need to publish it fast before my battery out. Hiks. Till then darlings!

p.s: I think I look old with long hair. Sambil buat muka matured. ;p