24 March 2010

Being emotional

Sometimes I felt like want to hold you tight, so that you can't run away from me. But sometimes, I felt like giving up because I am too scared of losing you. And sometimes, I'm thinking, is it worth it having you in my life? There are so many possibilities yet I am not sure either I can face everything. Sometimes, I wish I know the future so that I can prepare myself.

Current updates;
#1 Something wrong with my toptop's charger, so yeah, my laptop is out of service. Let her rest, let her rest. Am using Irena's laptop right now. And it is pink! ♥
#2 Tell you what, I am super hungry right now. But then I am too lazy to get my arse up and find something to bite.
#3 Sometimes, when I talk to much, after the conversation I felt regret. I should not share too much information with others. So yeah, I need to shut my damn mouth after this. (-.-")
#4 I sleep too much but then I still sleepy. Sometimes, I feel like I want to have a really bad nightmare each time I sleep, so that I don't have the urge to sleep anymore. I HATE SLEEP.
#5 I feeling emotional right now, I wish it could go away. Maybe it is because of my toptop. Haih.

Ok bye!