22 March 2010

What i think is what?

When someone add you and you approved the friend request you should say,
"Thanks for the add!" -> but i don't think it is necessary. what is the point of having that conversation?
it might be better if you say, "hey, seems like i know you!" or like "you seems like someone i know but i bet i got the wrong person, but hey, lets still be friend!"
maybe i just like someone different. and that's why i love the-freak-gaga. maybe.

But when someone approved your friend request you shouldn't comment them,
"thanks for the add' ->it is so wrong! or maybe it is just me? usually if this is my case, i'll delete them without any mercy. Ceycey, but maybe I’ll consider if they are my friend. Ahah. I bet you should say,
thanks for approving” -> and still, I don’t think it is necessary!

But then, I still do hate receiving the “thanks for add” caption while I am the one who get the friend’s request.

Ok done mumbling!

I got an award from Miss Uthe. But I know I am too lazy to do the tag yet, so maybe after my test tomorrow darling?

p.s: Get well soon mom. ILY!


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