22 January 2013


Due to finals and the stress along my projects and assignment, I have acted irrationally which the consequences affected me and those who are close to me.

Somehow during my downfall, I realized that there are always few person that is actually there for me. And more importantly He always there. I can't believe myself, why I always forgot that actually He is always there knows what actually deep in my heart. Why I always forget to appreciate and being grateful with this life?

So I may conclude that everything that I have now is something I borrowed from Him. Somehow, this irrational act of mine make me realized everything. It seems like a wake up call to me. And In Shaa Allah I will take this positively trying to be more wiser in future. Rather than based on my emotion status.

And finally, I am done with my first semester. Which I honestly appreciate each and every knowledge that I've gained here. Include friends who always helped me with the assignments and my studies. With Allah's will, I will perform better for my second semester. I will make sure I will graduating this year along with my dear friend Azizul. It is such a coincident that we apply for master at the same year - or maybe He already knew that I won't survive alone so He prepared me a very good friend with me. Why not to love my life?

During this 3 weeks of no class and no other commitments, I've decided to stay home do some reading, enjoying drama with mom and maybe an activities that I will named as #yamchatime! Which it will be started today. Oh not to forget, my operation to gain weight and have a healthy life style. Best of luck miss, very best of luck.

Till then, Assalammualaikum.


Sha Wbunny said...

i dont know u too. but we both have something in common. i love to read yours too. keep it up girl :D