10 December 2012


How not to love this barbie? She is so adorable, the performance was awesome and the song itself is great! 

Anyway, having a troubled boyfriend is ain't cool. But the best we can do it to love our self more rather than think too much about our partner. Unless if he is your husband - must do care cause the heaven is within him. Errr.

Well, I love to listen to good music especially a song that actually shows a girl's power. Adele, Katy Perry, Cristina Perry, Kelly Clarkson and recently Taylor Swift ♥ ♥ I can put their songs in repeat the whole day! 

Oh, my charger for shuffle iPod is no longer functioning, so I am planning to get myself a new mp3 player. But not going to be from Apple cause I find it is hard to transfer the music - synchronizing takes time and I hate it. That is the reason why my iPad got no music - kau nampak si pemalas Diana sampai tahap ni. So I am going to get myself a mp3 after I am done with my finals which it is less than a month! My gashh.

So till then. Yep, no extravagant entry as ya' know a master student without any friend is boring.

p.s: Yeay, I can't wait for weekend. Pelarian daripada belajar.