03 May 2009

Some updates

I’m home.
So I watched AIM just now. Hee.. AIM kan?
Dafi is damn redish!
Why now artist Msia makin sexy? Euwww.
Yes-yes, my Dato’ Siti is still the best.
Why rambut orang Hujan tu gila aneh? Macam girl!
And, I realized pulak si Lan, MUH tu kinda of attractive. Hiks.
The last performance sangat cool!
Take note, I still not into gigs~

I also watched Arsenal’s game.
Sikit je kot.
And I did realize something new lg today.
Arshavin is hot.
Even my brother said that he is ‘lebar’.
I still like him.
Ramsey cute. Why Theo tade?
Btw, I am in a good mood sebab Arsenal win over Portsmouth.
And I can watch almost all of Arsenal’s game after this.

Most of my friends is at their hometown.
Gonna miss them.
Especially, ABG’s, Lesbo & classmate-to.
Wish you guys best of luck with the intern.
& to those in my active10 lists, get ready tao.
I’ll call you if I’m having any problem with the subject.
Sumpah I read the Hydrology book back just to make myself prepared with the intern.
Even nak final pun I don’t have this type of nerves.

Did I tell you that I’m using Celcom number now?
Well, I’m officially using Celcom now.
While waiting for my second phone.
Heh, surely I’ll wait for quite some time.
I’m not using my Maxis number now.
I’m not running from anyone or ape-ape la.
Anything just buzz my YM or leave me message here.
And I’ll check my Maxis number twice a day pun.
So no biggy la kan?

After 2 weeks gaduh with my bro sebab of guitar hero.
The war is over.
Wakaka. We talked just now.
Thank god.
Esok I’ll go to buy new guitar hero CD.
Lepas gian la!

Ok, pet society time.


ChUcK SaGaCiOuS said...

bg no celcom u...