03 May 2009

Oh today!


Today I did going out with my parent and looking for my intern place. But something bad happen where suddenly both of them macam moody and we just heading back home. Tak tahu pun mane JPS tu. So I end up with contacting my guy and asked him whether dia nak jumpa I ke tak. So we’re out for lunch and look for my intern place. Haha. Jumpa pun even at first both tak perasan. What is the name of that jalan again? Durh, lupa lagi!

My mom said I need to be home before 9p.m, so macam blur where else should we go. So we heading to Hutan Bandar Mawar sebab I keep telling him yang nak jalan-jalan with him. Even he is sleepy at that time, I berjaya convinced him pegi juga. Thanks kamu! Photo gedik nanti will be uploaded soon.

Oh, he is still sleeping up till now. Bangun la gila!

Just now I watched Mentor. Why they changed English song jadi Melayu? Sengal! My Love jadi sangat buruk because of ‘Chak’ tu. Heh. His voice sangat like girl, so don’t ever think to be like JT okay! And sure Chak ni gila pendek sebab Ajai lagi tinggi dari die. HAHA. My JT perfect!

Tomorrow I’ll start my intern. Ohhh… nervous!
What should I wear tomorrow?
What should I bring?
Should I park inside or outside?
Should I wear heels?
Who I need to meet tomorrow?
What attitude show I show tomorrow?
Where should I sit then?
Who will be with me for my lunch?
Alaaaaa…. I hate to have this feeling. Insecure gila!

But after my office hour I’m heading to CS. HIHI. I want to buy new novel and some missing Helios Eclipse comic. Yeay, yeay, yeay! Any suggestions what novel should I buy? Please, I just want light reading books only.

Out. Pet society, again.


ChUcK SaGaCiOuS said...

Pet society tu ape?
i nk join juge...bole?..
ke u ngan hakim jer?...

Diana said...

main la fb