26 March 2009

TOPTOP ohhh..

Oh yeah. I have my other half back! My super-precious laptop is with me now. Damn I just too excited and I keep checking my folder to make sure it is still the same without losing anything. And so far nothing is missing. Two thumbs up for HP!

I will always update my blog as before. But the final exam is just around the corner. We’ll see about that la. Ohhhh my…. Still am happy to half this thing back after more than a week without this it’s driving my crazy. My new target, once I already work I will buy that maxis laptop with modem. So I can online and update like each time I want too. Even the connection here SUX!

Actually now I’m, writing using Notepad due to the connection. Haiya. I have 2 lab reports to be done by tomorrow morning but I haven’t start yet. Malas! This weekend will be busy and it will constantly busy till another 2 weeks time. Then I am all free for my study week. Free pulakkan… it will be more extra busy KOT.

Haa.. Nothing is worth more than my precious laptop. If before I always complain cause I save almost of my assignments and project in this terchenta so now I can easily refers to this thing. If before I seems like blur with everything I’m doing, now I can done my lab report without any doubt. Apesal tah, but the chemistry between laptop and me is extremely indescribable. Haaa… since tadi I keep talking bout my laptop. So Mr Toptop, sila jangan rosak lagi. I can’t probably live properly without you. Huahuahua.

Hurm. Am I that selfish? Guilty.