21 March 2009


Oh yeah. New layout for my blog! I’m wasting about approximately 1 hour and plus for make everything done. But there is still some part that I let it ‘empty’ for a while. I had no idea for now. Btw, I still looking for the comment link for my blog. Wait till I get my laptop then I will made a comment link ok. So at the mean time, please do comments me at the chat box of texted me will do. Haha.

I have something to write here just now, but since I had the layout thingy did distract me I already forgot what the main point I should post just now. Haiya. Btw, my course mates start to have their own blog now. I hope it will last longer. Please do update it okay my dear friends especially Saidah, Aryanti and Adi. And when Najib, Mok and Ciky will have their own blog ni? I still am waiting. ;p

I’m bored. So I watched some random video or I usually called it youtub-ing. Haha. Some video that caught my eye is:
Jaiho-PCD live performance. OMG, Nicole body is damn hot. Haha. I fall in love with her tummy. FLAT! Aiya. I really envy her. Why someone that non-Muslim Allah give her that beauty?
Tanpa-Sixth Sense video!! I had no intention pun yang that guy already dead until at the end of the video. Haha. Is this really Malaysian video? Mantap!! ;p
Gives you hell and Womanizer – All American Rejects. They are damn cool to make womanizer to be different and it is damn unique when the combine that song with me and you song eh? Coolio!

Confession of a shopaholic will be out next week. Oh god, I can’t wait. But I have my OBE on Thursday morning and few classes at the evening. Huaaaaaa. How could I possibly be the first to watch? Hopefully there will be sneak preview on Wednesday night. I don’t mind to stay up late and I don’t mind to watch it by myself. But I am sure my girlfriends will be joining me or my sis will do. Haha. I am excited!