19 March 2009


“Is it an apple or a apple?”

I keep playing games until I forgot to study. As Hitz.fm keep advertise it, don’t study last minute punya part tu. Damn, I heard it before I’m out for my test. I can’t stop laughing sebab I did the same thing too kot. Last-last I’m blur for all the questions given. While answering memang muka ketat nak mati la. Ohh.. nak lupa bout this test things. Btw, it is an apple bukan a. If la my question is that EASY.

Someone did call me ego. Am i? Maybe kot. But usually I’m being ego when I am with certain people je kot. If I could give this ego-ness to a friend of mine ni, sure I’ll give this to her. Just to help her to get rid of a guy ni. I mean, for her good jugak la kan. I am fragile dulu, sikit-sikit giving up and macam mengalah. But I had enough with that. Kepala ini bukan untuk dipijak kot. So I learned to keep my exact feeling and show another expression instead. But normally I’m being like this for the sake of protecting others to see my weakness la kot. And I also learned to be sarcastic and more direct when I did discussion bout things. Positive change kot. So that u know why I’m being like this. Accept me the way I am or just go. I know u can find better. HUH?

I already get my internship place. Thank god. My dad keep nagging me "why I post my resume late", "why I didn’t call the company", "what are you going to do if you did not get any place for the intern", why-why-why and all those blaming stuff. I had enough of listening and it is end now. Yeah dad, I am busy for this coming semester break.

What else? I’m bored la owh!