04 March 2009


What should I do to make myself know what I really want in life?

I am confused and still wondering what I should be next few years. I still doubting with all my decisions that I have made. I felt stupid once I realized that I had decided it wrongly. I don’t mind if I did not hurts others feeling, but I usually makes some people disappointed with all my stupid mistakes. I felt guilty. But I can’t changed anything, just an apologize words to show them that I really felt guilty with all I had done.

I had my lunch with my classmates just now. I am damn jealous once I know Jijot had planned with his life. I mean, he know what he’s gonna do in next few years. He already thinking bout how to handle a family. Maybe it is too early, but he did not imagining the marrying thingy or what, just how he would managed his wife and mom soon. Hahahaha. I don’t ever thinking how I should behave in-front of my in-law family. It is easy to say that I don’t even know how to cook, nak pikir jauh lagi macam mana?

So let me say, will do whatever I can do now. Example, learn how to cook and do the chores properly without complaining. At the same time, try to behave myself, be more matured and less ego and also with extra more girlish attitude. HAHA. The short term plans for a better future. Cewah!!!!