22 March 2009

Pack ur things!

I watched almost all the big game last night. And I am satisfied when MU and Chelsea losing to ‘small’ team. Ok maybe not bandar-bandar kecil as they said when Arsenal losing to Stoke City before kan, but at least they are losing even the play very well juga last night. And it is not waste of time to me to stay up and watch Arsenal’s game. Most of the player did play well last night and the game was great sebab New Castle pun seems like not giving up. Hey, did Wenger lose his weight? Haha. Dia lagi skeleton than me. ;p

My active10 list had change again. The first 4 will be my family member’s coz I love to call them when I needed someone to talk too. The others are my current friends that I used to text and call for this semester. Haha. Saidah++Yanti, I will always contact you for the intern in-case I think I need to complain to someone tau. Or I might be asking you some question about civil thing. Haha. Haram nak ingat all those thing since our first year!

Ouh. My mom already starts nagging asking me to pack my things up. Later Babeh!