12 April 2009


I still can’t stop my finger from calling that number. Each time if ‘it’ answering my phone calls I can’t stop my mouth from cursing it. I can’t stop my fingers from sending ‘it’ those harsh-sarcastic words. ‘It’ is the most stupid creature that I’ve ever met until I though there is no such species ever existing in this world.

WTH, you did take others thing and using it like it is yours? Hello? Did you know how to become a thief? If you take someone else phone, just off the phone and get rid the sim card. Don’t be such a dumb. Why la I never think to friend’s finding that number. If I did, surely I can do something now. At least I know where the phone goes now.

Haaa… so you guys know what am I talking about now right?

I still am pissing off with that person right now. ‘It’ doesn’t have any right to take a look at the phone pun, but without any feeling ‘it’ did. I just scared if ‘it’ did take any advantage from that phone sedangkan 'it' don’t even have any right to did that. But surely my number will be in a great danger because I did cursing+nagging it for few times. Bayangkan, I called it every minute after I know that phone is missing, until ‘it’ needs to cancel my call. Then fews of text message is given to ‘it’ talking about how stupid is them and I did taught them how to be a good thief. Haha. Common sense.

Heh, luckily the owner of the phone already cancel the number. So thank God I can stop from doing what I am doing. Hahahaha. I just need to make sure I stay online waiting for the owner of the number. Oh-damn-I-miss-you-la-owner-of-the-number. Hihi.