18 April 2009


I am on my way to take my lunch. Yeay, feeling like want to have mee rebus. Luckily him also feels the same thing too. So we’re on our way to Angsana and have lunch. Ehe…starving!

My paper will starts on Monday and straight till this Thursday then another week I’ll have another two paper on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then I will start my holiday for few days before starting my intern on 4th May.

Ohh.. makan!


HakiM ;p said...

yana makan 2 pinggan mee rebus.. sgt byk.. haha

Diana said...

weh weh.
tayah aa comment gitu seh.
kantoi la i makan byk.
heh, mcm u mkn 1 pinggan pulak.
u lg, ade bape jin tah dlm perut u. hahahahaha.

qila, darl said...

yanaa, good luck 4 ur xms! all the best ;)

HakiM ;p said...

gd luck 4 final jgk.. jgn facebooking je.. kne study jgk.. hehe.. yana da kuat makan skrg.. p/s: yana semakin buncit skrg.. hahahaha

Diana said...

qila darling~
thanks tao!!!

u pon same je kot.
u la, send jin u kat i. hbs i da kuat mkn skrg.