06 January 2009


I never feel that I have such a terrible friend until tonight. I started to hate someone I do believe before this. Worst, I just don’t know how to face him after this cause I really really really do hate him after knowing the real him.

You are such a jerk once you started to play with her heart. It’s getting worst when you started to use her. Yes, you using her, she wasted lots of her money, time and everything for you. But you leave her unappreciated for another bitch. Yes, your new girlfriend is such a bitch. How stupid are you to leave her for that bitch. Maybe you don’t deserve good girl like her.

I know she is hurt. You make her that way. What is your reason? Well, if you want her money, she did spend more than thousand for you per sem. Hey, did you ever feel shame of yourself Mr Gigolo? Using your girlfriend money as you monthly allowance? Ergh… Jijik. You goy style but I know the style comes from your ex-girl’s money. Pathetic. You don’t deserve that if you don’t know her. Well, you are nothing without you ‘sugar mummy’. Heh, you can’t even buy yourself lunch!

I hate him. If he did that to me I surely will kill him. But I know he can’t even think of it coz I won’t let it happen. But to see my girl suffering now because of him, it really makes me pissed off like hell just now. I just can’t stand to see how irresponsible he is towards her. He easily moved on like nothing happen. Bodoh tau tak jantan sekor nih!

I hope I never see his face again cause I just scared I can’t control myself and started to be sarcastic or maybe I might be slap him at least once. I can’t be hypocrite once I started to hate someone.

Why I ever know him?

p.s : To those who have a hint who is this jerk, please keep it by yourself. I won’t say anything bout this LOSER.