31 January 2009


I did realize that my entry macam pendek gila few days ago. Semua sebab lack of mood and I did being too emotional.

So, this is something real bout me now.

I have my riding practice again yesterday. Well, riding Billy yang sangat tinggi. Trying to canter again but this time I really do need someone to lunge-ing me. I want to have the rhythm of cantering. Well, still keras lagi la kot. Haha. For the few minutes of cantering practice dah sengal satu badan. Owh, how could I possibly jadi pro?

Assignment. Still sangat banyak. But I still patiently try to do it slowly. Haih. I wish I can work more faster and finished it by this weekend. I don’t want to have such a rush week next week. Surely I’ll tense a lot, and being too emotional tak tentu pasal. Dear, I’m sorry if I did hurts you with my attitude yang moody extra teruk this time.

Again, sakit mata. I don’t know why. I did take care of my lens, but still sakit. Hurm.. maybe my eye dah tak boleh nak accept this thing lagi kot. Haiya.. need to wear spectacle for few days lagi. To those who love to see in being nerdy, sila kutuk banyak-banyak lagi. ;p

I can’t wait for 13th February. Yes, going to KL again for Rihanna’s concert. Eventhough I have test on that day, I’ll make sure I can find some stupid excuse to take the test earlier. Haiya. Why it must be on Friday? Why?
So officially I’ll spend my weekend there. And V-day pun kat sana? Ok, I am not celebrating it but something for sure, I’ll spend my day with some people. Hihi. There are lots of people in my list. It’s been a long time since my last date with them.
I can’t wait la oh!

So let me say, next two week I’ll busy doing my assignment & revision for my tests. But I’ll find some time to watch movie. Tolong la, it’s been a long time since my last movie that I watch with my super-duper-great-guy-best-friend. Haha. And now he started to judge me saying me that I’ve change. No la, still the same now but busier. You know who you are la kan. ;p

Owh, I’ve stopped eating the fat ginseng tu. Well, my appetite dah kurang from day to day. Haiya… how to be fat without taking this eh? Seriously, I don’t want to be too dependent with this thing. But I really-really-really want to gain weight! Help me. At least teach me to appreciate my body yang keping ni. Hihi.

That’s it till now. Well, for this ‘busy’ week sure my entry after this will be shorter and emotional. Haha.


Affan Azami said...

tell me when u got in KL!

Diana said...

i will
i will
I WILL affan!