21 January 2009

I wish.

I can be there to meet 'him'.
No need to submit the assignmentS.
No test & final for this semester.
I know magic like Harry Porter.
Theo Walcott is my boyfriend.
I have Nicole Scherzinger body. Hot-ness!
I can have the skill to play guitar.
I am Britney Spears.
I can drive F1 car at least once.
I can think like Albert Einstein.
I can be at Emirates Stadium cheering my 'boyfriend'.
Paris Hilton is my BFF.
To go to Niagra Fall, honeymoon.
To help Palestin & be there now.
No more stressfull moment.
I can play football, not futsal.
My sis get married first before me.
There is no regrets in my life.