23 January 2009

ABG's date

How I miss being together with them. Well, I mean four of us. Four, not three like we used too before this. As Anis always busy with her things until dumping us. Haha. We don’t mind as long as she still remember what ABG’s stands for.

It starts from our MHS. Anis is my roommate. Min is my groupmate. Yati is Min’s friend. Hot is Yati’s roommate. I met Min and get to know Yati too. Once I know Min is from Kedah, I introduce her to Anis. And that’s it, we spend the orientation week together.

And it goes by till now. But not totally different. If before I’m not talk much with Min, but now I can talk a lot with all of them. Haha. And something drastic is when Anis not joining most of our dates since last year. But seriously our friendship is still going strong. We not doubting each other & surely sharing things up.

I really do love them.


ChUcK SaGaCiOuS said...

best x pg sian2 hari?...
xpena try...

Diana said...

sape kate g siang.
mlm la time tu.
gadis2 neh ajak.
just utk amek gamba.