15 January 2009

Hello Today.

The assignment started to get more and more from day to days. But from all of the assignment, I am really scared with the steel. I really have zero confident in that type of subject. Yes, I messed up on most of that type of paper before. But my promise this semester, I’m gonna do the best for Steel!

I am a lil’ bit worry bout the quota before as Eacha is no longer KTHO’s AJK. I really really hope that our futsal team still gets the priority at the L12 block. I don’t want to stay at the old building! Creepy owh.

Maybe some of my friends keep asking me who is my Mr now. As I seems like to happy-tak –tentu-pasal most of the time. To be honest there is no one. Officially, no one for now. So don’t make curious face in front of me cause seriously I had no answer for now. So still, my status is single. But I pronounced that I had enough with my over-friendly attitude ni.

I am seriously mad at two of my friends right now. If a girl rather choose a loser to be her soulmate than a bunch of girlfriends that always supporting her. What we should call her? Moron! And last night is the first time I texting her with my cursing-sarcastic-direct words. I hope she really know that I am damn disappointed with her.
Owh loser, I hope one day the karma will goes back to you. And sorry, we are no longer friend. I don’t even want to see your face. So, GTH! You deserve to be there.

I’m late for my lab!!!
Later dear.


Affan Azami said...

u go girl.

p/s- please bitching bout it summore. i love bitches. haha

Diana said...

something i love bout u affan. u is so like me!