20 January 2009

Owh abg theo.

I met my sis last night, asking her to accompany me going out for a while to draw some money & give my nari-nari ‘makanan’. Haha. Suddenly we talked about something, ‘true’.

I have a secret admirer, since I was in 1st year, I keep eyeing on him. First time I saw him I said, “Guys, I Nampak Theo Walcot!!” and since that he is something that I admire. And it still goes on till... I don't feel that excitement when I saw him now. But seriously, there is no crush thigy, I just like him because of his face je la kan. Macam mahu penggal kepala dia buat collection dalam bilik. Haha.

Alaaa.. lari topic pula.

So we start talking bout him when suddenly I told my sis yang I saw him at the faculty this evening. Then she laugh, big laugh. Ok let me describe bout him dulu. He have Theo Walcott face and he is handsome? Derr.. no la, he have the attraction to make girls to see him twice, but 100times for me. ;p He have a perfect body, woahh.. besar oh badan dia, macam sportsman! And he have a sweet smile, it is a must for a guy yg I like la kan. Hurm.. whatelse? He is kaki perempuanmasjid. Tak tipu weh. His family macam alim gile kot. (I know it from Friendster. Haha)

Suddenly my sis stop laughing and try to imitate his voice. Both of us have a big laugh. Seriously, Abg Theo punya suara sangat aneh, ANEH. My sis ckp dia syg suara and don’t want to let it out. And we both try to imagining him karaoke-ing. Tak boleh nak imagine weh.

Another thing yang makes us wondering. His lunch = half of my sis’s lunch = 1/3 of my lunch. Then he just eats vegetable. Hah? WTH? Diet? Seriously, nasi lagi sikit dari nasi girl. Malu ohh. Maybe dia takut buncit or gemuk KOT. Haha. Yes, my sis helping me stalking on him. Since it is hard for me to have a bump on him this semester. Sengal.

Moral of the story, haha. No one’s perfect. He has the looks, the style, but his voices really make us emm laugh. And to have that type of ‘ketegapan’ he needs to control what he is eating. Sian oii.

Conclusion, I’m not admiring him anymore. Because I started to making fun of him since my sis come here. Alaaaa… jahat gila!

& I had no time to waste my feeling lagi. Haha. Simpan cinta untuk suami. ;p


ChUcK SaGaCiOuS said...

simpan cinta utk suami..
xbley bla...but he alwys
be ur selipar roxy...x ker?...

Diana said...

no comment.

selipa roxy yg i dah bosan nak tgk. hihihi.. gila jahat la yana ni!