01 February 2009


Aku pekakkan telinga,
Bisukan mulut,
Bekukan otak,
Kentalkan hati,
Buang perasaan.

Sila faham, aku cuma mahu satu jawapan yang betul wahai si penipu.


I should post this thing yesterday. But I am damn not in the mood until I sleep all afternoon and once I woke up at 4, I plan to gambling go to Pulai’s waterfall. I had fun there! Then we watched movie & have another crazy night again. Owh, thanks to Syafiq for everything. He is such a mastermind for our night life la!

As usual, photo will be uploaded at FB soon. Hahaha. Hopefully my toptop won’t corrupted or I accidently ter-delete the picture. Heh. Our dream house ada kot kat situ. Well, I’m too tired! Sleep!