12 February 2009

Upcoming stressful week.

Hello morning!

For the first time of the semester, I woke up kind off late today. And I have this lazy mode of going to class. I snoozed my alarm clock until 7.40a.m. Blame me cause sleep late last night. Derr… I need to cover back my sleep time later on, or else the baggy thing will be appear and I am all out to be a supermodel. Haha. Gila perasan, I know that.

I got test tomorrow, Geotechnic. After being here for nearly 2 months, I never ever touch the notes. I just copy the notes from the slide every week in the class without making any revision through it. So I need to be more professional tonight, to finish up all the revision just for a night plus extra few hours in the morning before the test start at 3. Derrr.. I hate test! Stressful owh!

Next week will be extra-extra busy. I have presentation on Tuesday and I don’t even prepare for the slide. I have two test on Wednesday, both of it is some kind of remember thigy subject where I really do hate it to the max. And on Thursday I have another test yang super tuff, my ‘favourite’ subject ever la kan, Steel Design. Why oh why I’m taking Civil?

Haaa.. enough complaining for now. Mahu makan and have lab afterward. Derr.. baru ingat I have extra work, lab report!


p.s: Mr B, will you please be more patient for these few weeks. I am sure I’ll be in extra-not-in-mood mode. Haaa… Leave me alone if you think I am damn psyco ok. =D