25 February 2009


It’s been a long time since my last entry. I’ve been busy for the whole last week and internet sucks! So it comes up with tons of things I want to share but I am too lazy to type more than necessary. Hihi…

I felt guilty. Again, I’m saying it. Maybe some of you feels like irritated with this words la kan because I’m keep saying it. But that is what I feel.

It started when I have a complicated discussion on Monday night and its goes by till the midnight. I’m going back to the room with headache and get ready to sleep without thinking bout the date. When I woke up at 6.30a.m, I am too sleepy to get up. I continuing my sleep till 7.30 a.m. The headache is still there, at the back of my head. I woke up and go to Anis room asking for paracetamol, then informing Yanti that I’m not going to the class this morning. I continue my sleep till afternoon. The headache is still there but I find the strength to get up and take my bath and take my lunch. I make it fast because I possible can’t stand properly. Once I reached my room I felt something more horrible than the headache, period pain. I’m again looking for menstrual pill, but I had none. I just lying on my bed till finally I know Yanti have that pill. I have such a bad day yesterday. I’m doing nothing at the night until my friend asking me out for dinner. At first we planned just to eat at FKE but its ends up by going out to Larkin Perdana. I’m too blur to think more than I should think. Until I received a message that makes me shocked.

Hell yeah, I’m forgetting the date. More to said I’m forgetting my best guy friend birthday. GUILTY GILA LA WEHH!!! But then I did realize that I’m not a good friend. So thanks for everything, let’ do our own things. Hurm…

Okay, enough. I still am guilty. Haaa… to those who’s listening to my cried last night, thanks. At least I’m not keeping this feeling alone until it affecting my moods and emotions.

I still felt guilty, but I can’t do anything. Just a simple apologize to you. I can’t said it directly cause I still ashamed with myself. Heee… But i still want to wish you here, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY KAU!!!

Sorry again.

Till then.