28 February 2009

my boyfie~

He is too hot until I forgot to breathe for few seconds.

Enrique Iglesias even buat muka marah or muka ego or muka tension, you are still hot. Try watch Takin’ Back My Love video. Seriously, he is damn hot. Melting gila kot Dah tengok thousands times dari semalam but tak puas. Ohh.. I’m fall for him. Tolong, be in front of me and make that sarcastic face! Durhhh…

Officially for these few weeks, Enrique Iglesias is my imaginary boyfriend.

Btw, 1234 – Plain white t punya video dah keluar. It is soooo bored ok. Macam cheap punya video je kot. But then meaningfull sikit la KOT. Heh. As long as lagu tu sweet, it is enough for me.

Wish me luck for my futsal match tomorrow morning. Gold medal as last semester please… ;p