06 February 2009


Seriously not in the mood.

Just now maxis cannot been use. And at that moment I am desperately need to contact someone. Until I wasted my coins just to have some stupid conversation.

Net in my room also damn slowww in the evening. Maybe lots of the girls love to online than go out for jog. Mane taknya girls banyak obesity and cepat mati. Derrr..

Why it is so hard for you to give and take? I just want a simple thing from you. I tried to figure it out but I can’t find the solution how. Once I got the easiest way to settle it down, you give me reasons. Whatever. Do your own things sila.

Btw, I’m officially wanted to sell my Rihanna ticket. I bought it for RM198, but I’m selling it to RM130. I have test on that day, I have CIDB thingy on Sunday morning and currently I don’t have any mood to be at KL at this moment even lots of things had been plan. Please help me to find the buyer.

I wish I am blessed tonight.

The sitting.


Affan Azami said...



diLL said...

yana2..ada bape ticket!nk3!

nadya said...

girls bnyk obesity n cepat mati?
takotnye statement u? haha
u pegy rihanna!!! bestnye! snap pic manyak2 n update kat blog nnty pleaseeee! kalau bole record, record tao. hehe.