13 February 2009

Sorry, this is what i feel.

Last night I did post my status kat FB.
Diana is gila annoying with that someone. Muntah darah.
The exact case is.
A long friend time kat sekolah rendah called me just to ask me for Dya’s number.
Well, it’s been a longgg time I am not hearing something from him.
And I'm not ‘that’ close to him la kan.
First thing that he said is “Hey, u kenal Nadiah Amalina eh. Ley tak I want her number?”
Bapak tak desperate pulak.
I asked him where he did knowing her, from FB.
The problem is, that guy is well known as playboy and if I not mistaken he have a girlfriend right now.
So what the hell nak flirting around lagi?
So I said to him, sorry, I won’t selling my friend’s number.
Macam nak tambah je, to a person like you.
Seperti masukkan my friend dalam mulut buaya pula.
And I said, she probably be broken hearted now.
Dengan tak malunya he reply me saying that he can fix it.
Haaa.. ayat yang membawa symptom muntah melampau.
So, I started to make sarcastic voices while having the conversation.
Asking him to ask the number by his own, make some effort la kan.
I know what is the feeling if my friend selling my number to strangers lagi-lagi if that strangers tu buaya yang tinggal kat bumi, so I won’t do that la kan.
Maybe he started to realize yang I dah menyampah, so dia giving up la nak dpt that number lagi.
Conversation end dengan penuh rasa meluat.
Not enough with that, suddenly je he comment me kat FB.
Sejak bila pula I am close to you sampai nak panggil dear?
Menyampah double!

Don’t blame me la kan why my status macam tu.
If that my weakness pun, at least I’m showing what I feel and takde la pretending to be okay sedangkan tak okay.
And at least takde la physically susahkan orang with my words pun.
Be at my place a, and seriously I am NOT in a good mood pun.
So GTH with other’s opinion pun.
But this time mmg I am seriously direct kan.
Cause you can know who is the person once korang tengok my FB.
Sorry aa if that person is your close friend or what.
Ni my opinion je pun, sebab we don’t really know each other pun.
We never ever have serious conversation pun.
Suddenly she’s popping out and complaining.

Well, I will delete her very soon.
As dia tak ley terima sangat kan my so called weakness tu kan.
Tak yah baca my status next time ok!
: )


nadya said...

ohh that guy ade msg i kat fb tp i ta reply. die tnye i neh kwn u ke. hehe.

Affan Azami said...

buaya darat!
malu seyh laki mcm tu..

khruz said...

kerana buaya lah byk laki2 baik stay single smp skrg. oh. but im on d verge of being taken hehe =) gumbira gumbira