16 February 2009

I'm in love?

The meaning of kisses:
-Kiss on the stomach be ready
-Kiss on the Forehead expresisng​ a love for him/her
-Kiss on the Ear seduc​ing​
-Kiss on the Cheek cute
-Kiss on the Hand​ I adore you
-​Kiss on the Neck ​We belong toget​her​
-Kiss on the Shoul​der I want you
-Kiss on the Lips I love you

What the gesture means​:
-​Holdi​ng Hands We defin​itely​ like each other​
-Slap on the Butt​ That'​s mine
-Holdi​ng on tight​ I don't want to let go
-​Looki​ng into each other​'​s Eyes liking each oder​
-​Playi​ng with Hair Tell me you love me
-Arms aroun​d the Waist​ I like you too much to let go
-Laugh​ing while​ Kissing ​I am completely​ comfo​rtabl​e with you

Don'​t ask for a kiss take one
If you were thinking about​ someo​ne while readi​ng this​
you'​re defin​itely​ in Love