26 November 2008


Ehem.. ehem..
I’m dating too much with the television. Headache!

Just now someone I do admire called me. Haha. I just can’t stop jumping excitedly after got his call. Eventhough he just inviting me to his brother’s wedding at Tampin. Btw, at first I had no idea where is Tampin until he tell me that Tampin is at Negeri Sembilan. Haha. Great! My mark to be his girl had been deducted. Hump! I should googling it first before asking him where is Tampin. Hampeh tol. Bout this guy, he is my junior and we are at the same faculty. Haha. So it would be big no-no for me. Aiyo, I just don’t want to have a boyfriend that I can easily meet him. Surely I’ll get bored easily. So, let me put him in my secret admire lists.

I post something to someone yesterday and that person already got what I sent to him. Thank God, I am really scared if that person did not get that thing on time. I want that person to be happy but I can’t give happiness easily. Hopefully that present make him happy at least a minute. =)

Tercipta Untukmu song. I really do love that song. Hurm. How I wish I could do something about it. Rahasia Pelangi, new TV3 drama using that song as their theme song. And because of that, I’m following that drama. Like heck?! But the actress is cute (even I am more attracted to hot-gorgeous-bitch) The actor, I don’t like him! Poyo jelly ah!

So, I’m out for now. Haha. Want to date with my Mr. TV again. Hopefully no more headache for tonight. I don’t want to sleep early. Macam budak okay!!