12 November 2008


Another 2 weird number in my list. Misscall.


Need to do my laundry today. But toilet full. Hampeh tol. Penat je bangun pagi-pagi. Sure after this dah tak best if basuh baju sebab matahari dah tak secantik matahari pagi. Lol. So i'm going to do my laundry malam ini. Mungkin. Haha.

Oish. Lupa pula mengapa nak wasting time buat entry 'pepagi' ni.

Sorry seems to be the hardest word. But yet i always said that word lately. Gosh. Bosan tol. Even that is my mistake pun, why it is not enough with one honest sorry? Nak juga dengar thousands sorry yang makin lama makin tak ikhlas tu. Haha. Stop provoking me with my mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes, who doesn't? Give me space to breath without feeling guilty. Please ah.

I know i always said those harsh words when i am not okay. But i didn't mean it. I just hope you can forget those words so that you can learn to forgive and forget without saying the same thing over and over again. When someone not in a good condition, they can't think properly. So don't judge me while i'm having my PMS. :) Sakit woh itu, pasal itu saya suka mengamuk. ;p

Sorry again. I do mean it this time.
(Owh, sure sorry ini bukan untuk JERK semalam.)


dya amelly said...

mental itu mooduck! hee.

Diana said...

itu la. saiko gile..
i benci tol lelaki emo macam gegirl!

dya amelly said...