23 November 2008


Part II anniversary.

As today is our family special day. I really am enjoying being home. My cake? It smells good. Hopefully same goes to the taste. Haha. But, the cake is so damn simple. I will make it ‘cuter’ for my second attempt. Macam rajin aje nak buat lagi. =p

I go to my room and look for the wedding album. Gosh. Sangat dah lama tak tengok those photo. Well, as I scanning from page to pages. I am damn jealous with my mom. She was wearing 12 clothes for her wedding!! Heh. Let me list their theme; modern, songket, arab, jawa, minang, kebaya, dress, kurung ect. Hmph… tu tak include my mom’s hair lagi. Haiya. If ada scanner sure I’ll upload everything. Jeles oiii.

Then my mom come and joined me. She showed me my uncle & aunty while they were young. What I can see is, they are so damn skinny back then. But now, everybody had grown bigger. Haha. Bigger? Wondering how big am I when I get married nanti. Haha.

The bbq is over. I’m full! Lots of things I did shared with my siblings. Let the loving couple have their own time. Ok la. Want to play Monopoly. Later-later.

p.s : Hopefully his mom gonna b okay soon. I will pay them a visit tomorrow. =)


The cake. Haha. Ok macam tembam gila kan?