20 November 2008

Hello today!

I'm having a big fight again last night. Don't ask me who that person is. I don't even want to think about her/him. Yeah. Feeling not okay right now, everything is drive me crazy. Lucky me, I am at home! So the stress really won't affect me so badly. I have lots of junk foods to eat, I have that Mr TV, I have a great internet connection and I have my crazy siblings to share with. Ehe... even I am not sharing, but making fun of it. Life is not hard when I am with my family. Thanks for your support dear dad, mom sis and bro. I love you!

Life is all about making decision. When you choose not to decide, you are such a chicken. Well, at least by deciding you choose something that you want. If you choose the wrong decision, you can learn something from that. If you choose to stand still, I hope you won't regret coz letting all the chances go. I bet the chances won't come twice. Unless if you are lucky. Not everyone was born lucky.

I found my friend blog. Btw, I love one of his entries. So I grab some of his words. Hope you don't mind yah Mr Khruz!

Please people.
Be in LOVE (not make love)
grab a girl a boy and share your stories and flower and munchkins and whatever there is to share

remember your limits
your main responsibilities
and those who actually love you more than your spouse

Why I really love his words ah? Maybe because I am officially single. Haha. So it means nothing to me. Ok, i need to packing for the sleepover. Later dear bloggy.