09 December 2008

I'm back!

I already deleted all unwanted stuff in my head. Haha. Frankly speaking, maybe I still not totally okay but I am sure I’m getting better soon. Very-very-very soon. Sure! Sorry if I’m being too gila-mengada-emotional-terlebih. Thanks for the advice and the words dear friends.

I just want to congratulate my cousin Kak Ety for her wedding last weekend. I hope her marriage will be last longer like forever. I also want to celebrate our new baby of the family, Nur Nabila. I’m officially being aunty now. Gosh, I started to fall in love with her from the first time I touch her! I’ll pay her a visit more often after this.

To someone I’ve been admire since I am in a first year, yet till now I still have a knot of excitement when I hear about you. Thanks for the simple-short-text-message. I am so-so-so damn excited when I received it. Imagining Theo Walcott text me, but this is more realistic.

Why pretend to be there while you don't even care?
It is just another disappointment.

I’m facing the reality. And because of it, I’m let ‘it’ go. Hoping I can change something to be different. Haha. Sometimes, I’m trying to be at your super-complicated-situation. But what I can conclude clearly is, we are different in many ways. And I realized something, I am stronger, braver and matured than you. Guys are born to be a leader if you can’t be one, you are a total loser. Again, I am sorry for everything.

p.s: Damn lazy to activate my FB and FS. Haha. Let it be. =)