30 December 2008



Told you!!! Most of my classmates called me tembam and now I am all invited to MOK’S GROUP. Haha. The group yang call each other mok. Hihi. I miss my friends damn much okeh. Our first day was blast. Chaos!

Our first lecture dah start. Steel design dowh, my ‘favourite’ part of civil engineering. Heh. But our lecturer macam sangat gila strict pulakkan. 5 person yang absent just now dia g call and ask why they are not coming. So I had no chance to skip his morning classes la kan. Bodoh gila dah plan nak ponteng class. ;p

Then institusi islam pulak only 11 students in our section. Haaa. And all of them pun mmg classmate kiteorang yang gila sekepala. Jijot,ciki,mok,mail,eacha,yanti,anis,fatin,lin,miza&me. Hah. Siap hafal lagi dowh, nak full name pun tawu. Our class ends like at 2.30 and the MOK’s ajak g karaoke. Well, did having fun with them even some of them just breaking up and being too emotional by choosing sad songs. Haha. Gila emo!!

Hah. Look. I still can have a life. Wonderful colour-colour life!



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