11 December 2008

At last!

Big at last!! I can use the internet. Heck! What happen to my modem? I already complain it many times to streamyx but it is still the same. Let me say it this way this time, streamyx sucks!

Ok, enough with it. Better to start mumbling before I’ll get disconnected after this.


People say the love the truth, but in reality they want to believe that which they love is the true.

I’m once having this type of problem. I just face something that I want too. I dump everything that I don’t want to think. Or maybe I dump something that I hate the most. Another few days, weeks or maybe months I just stop thinking of it. Okay, I’m a lil’ bit facing it now. Not truly facing, but I started to move forward. Haha. Truth is always gonna be hurt, that’s why I hate the truth. I learn something precious now, never trust no one especially the one you love (excluding your family).

OMG, I’m talking shits!


Owh. I did something to my hair yesterday. Gosh, seriously, I hate my new hair. I won’t talk about it much, so you’re lucky to see me in my everyday-bad -hair-day mode after this. Haha. I just can’t wait for it to grow longer so that I can do something different after this. Btw, I’m not cutting it, just an inch of trimming. And do something terrible. Gosh-gosh! I don’t want to talk about it. End!

I already watched Wild Child. To be honest, I want to have blonde hair. Can I? It won’t happen unless I did dye my hair. But I was like, am I crazy? Another crappy thought of mine. I won’t do that for sure. I love her handbag, all of it!!!

I’m going to watch Cicakman after this(i mean in the morning). I just don’t know why I’m being so supportive with this movie, maybe it is not good as spiderman or superman or any other international superheroes. But at least the KRU team did try to be different. I love the different!

p.s: Maybe I just want to see Aznil. Wondering… =)