18 December 2008

A girl with a broken heart.

Yeah, I can still remember the pain.

Each time I’m being alone I feel so weak. I can’t think of anything. Life means nothing but miserable. I feels like giving up in anything, everything. I feel like want to commit a suicide so I can end all this feeling, the pain deep inside my heart. Yeah, everything means nothing to me that time, what I feel is only the pain. Pain of losing something I treasure, pain of being betrayed by someone that I trust. The pains that I need to face after make the decision to love someone strange.

Yes I am weak at that moment. I cried like every minute. I think negatively. Everything is blank and I lost my hope. Friends do come and give their supports. Their common expected words, “Be strong Yana”. But they don’t feel the pain, I did and it is killing me. Again I admit, I am weak coz I have a fragile heart. Day goes by days, week goes by weeks and month goes by months. I slowly learn to accept the fate. Life must go on.

They said, we can forgive but we can’t forget. But did they ever consider what my heart feels? Yeah, it is complicated. I wish I could make it simple, settle everything down and have a restart. But it is not that easy. It won’t be easy.

The pain will end as the time goes. But here, deep inside my heart, it won’t be the same anymore. Cause it is once broke.

Hey kawan, I will always be with you. You helped me before, we shared it together. Why this time when you needed someone you forgetting me? I’ll always be here to hear and share the tears. Cause I still remember the pain.

I will say it again, BE STRONG SAYANG!!


the girl said...

hehe. yea syg.. i kuat buat sementara kot. ntah ntah later jadi blk. ngee!

Diana said...

if jadi balik pun i'll always be with u. so text je i eh.

jage diri tao!!!