18 December 2008


First of all, I really feel sangat gila guilty sebab terhilang Dya’s url before. But then I found it and dah link miss cantik itu semula. =)

Yesterday me and my sis do open our precious chest. Well, peti yang full of our childhood photo tu. Both of us just can’t stop laughing each time we changed the pages. Each photo ada sentimental values seh. Serious, if one day someone nak blackmail me, memang the pictures will be a good item.
What I can see from my childhood world kan. Since kindergarden or baby lagi I tak pernah ada rambut panjang. Let me say, paling panjang pun time first year kat UTM. So, can u guys imagine, me having ‘this’ type of hair dari kecik. Worst I always having short hair yang macam Rihanna tu. Nak jugak Rihanna. Hihi… and since kecik my rambut ni macam sangat messy dan senget. Yes, senget. I love to cut my front hair by my own in front of the mirror. But lastly mesti senget. Like mesti tau, cuma nampak ngan tak nampak je la kan. But then, I still love my hair. Haha.
Then, kecik-kecik memang style guna seluar kaler-kaler eh? Me and my sis have lots of coloured pant. Pink, green, red, light blue and yellow. Yes yellow! Haha. Eventhough now pun I only have one red jean. Tu pun sangat jarang guna. So, my sis keep saying that kecik-kecik lagi she already being a diva coz sangat daring in dressing. Heh. Tapi if they want us to wear back all those cloth sure my sis akan buat muka.
I miss my house kat Simbang. Most of our picture time childhood kat simbang and that house sangat gila takde furniture macam sekarang. Well, I like my house now, but dah tak spacious macam dulu tau. Hihi… but then when I did ask my sis dia nak pindah balik to our previous house tak, she said no. Obviously maybe because of our neighbour kot. Hahaha.
Moral of the entry, I really do miss my childhood moment.

Right now I’m having chocolate fudge from Secret Recipe. Haha. And my choc stock is ready in the fridge! Yippie~

Yes, yes. I am on my way to gain my weight. So, goodbye skinny-old-me. Wish me luck dear!

p.s: Why I’m being so happy tonight? Hihi…


Huda who? said...

nak tgk gmbr masa kecik?!


Diana said...

fyi, kalau ade org dtg rumah i pun mmg i awal-awal lg dah semunyi semua gamba i zaman batu tu. so takde chance pon sesiape nak tgk.

the girl said...

its okay darling. ;)