12 December 2008

oh today.

Gd night _________.

Last night I did message some of my friend this message. Well, to those who received it. I really do thanking/missing/remembering you. I really do appreciate your presence in my life. =)



Thanks for the present. I just received it this morning. Thanks dude. Really appreciate it. I love everything about it! Red is my favourite colour and there is my name at it. Thanks-thanks-thanks. I don’t know to stop saying it!

p.s: Promise I won’t eat it. =)


I am Isabella.

Like Beyonce and her second name Sasha Fierce. Me too! I already have my second name, Isabella. Isabella is my emotional name. Hihi… can I said like that? Well, certain time I’m being too fragile, easily crying, shy and damn different from miss-talkative-Diana. So I really enjoy having a second name for my second personality.

Did I have only two personalities? Maybe moreeeeee. ;p