17 December 2008

Tag dari Faten.

Do you think you are hot?
Hot, tidak. Hahaha.. i am gorgeous! (perasan kentang!)

Upload a favourite picture of you.

Why do you like that picture?
The latest picture among the others la kan. Sangat dah gila lama tak snap pixie after my hair cut. Grrrr...

When was the last time you ate pizza?
Yesterday. Hihi..

The last song you listen to?
You're so gay - Katy Perry

What name you prefer beside yours?
Annabella or maybe Isabella. Sangat suka Bella. Apehal tah.

People to tag?
♥ Sis Irena
♥ Affan Azami
♥ Farra
♥ Epa
♥ Khalif

Who is number one?
My favourite soulmate. Hihi. I love you!

Number three is having relationship with?
Hihi... scandalicious. So no one knows. ;p

Say something about number five?
Rookies dalam blogging ni. So tag ini adalah present ok.

How about number four?
I want to meet her!!! Wondering when. :(

And who is number two?
My favourite guy for now. Hihi..