28 December 2008


1. My eye got infected. Well, it is my fault, using the same lens since .. when eh? Haha. I can’t open my right eye properly. Sobs.

2. I started to use facebook back. Haha.

3. I’m gaining weight now. First words from Lin once she saw me is, “Badan yana dah naik eh?” and I was like, WOAH!

4. Going back to UTM tomorrow night. Sobs.

5. Reading e-book, Stephenie Meyer collection. But since having this eye problem, I’ll let my eyes rest for a while.

6. Won’t using lens for a while. My dad did complain bout my bad habit.

7. I can’t wait to meet ABG and my classmates!!

8. I will celebrate New Year with my sister. So, I’m booked. ;p

9. I want to eat Nasi Ayam Penyet!!! Craving for it since last week.

10. Disappointed with Arsenal’s performance for now. So, no mood with EPL.

11. Happy belated birthday to my dad and Nik Alif a.k.a Dady! Sorry, I can’t even open my eyes yesterday. So no entry lorh!

12. Lastly, I’m being too emotional nowadays. Sorry.


Affan Azami said...

what is nasik ayam penyet? mcm sedap je..

Huda who? said...

haah haah
u sebenarnya lagi emo dari i tau tak?


Diana said...

affan, u dtg jb i kasi u try.
sedap giler ok!!
sambal belacan die kaw-kaw punya.

ye, i mmg sikit emo lagi2 bile PMS.

Anonymous said...

haha at last sakit gak mate kan? haha. best weh nasi ayam penyet tuh. huhu

Diana said...

sakit yg melampau dowh..
bengkak sampai tak ley nak bukak mate lgsg. hahaha.
even skrg pun still merah macam mata ikan. bodo tol.
yeah, ayam penyet mmg da best ahh..
affan, turun JB!!!