18 December 2008

Sorry, i love her.

Yes. I am ignoring you.
Can’t you see it clearly?
Or you want me to say it out loud?
Or maybe you are waiting a letter from my lawyer?

Let me make it clear, again.
I won’t expect anything from you.
Even a scintilla of virus, I won’t.
Cause’ I know, it won’t happen.

Owh, I nearly forget something.
I want my favorite vase back and my gold fish.
You can keep my CD’s collection if you want too.

Well, let’s move on.
You can flirt like you always did before.
And I can party-ing like everyday.
No more stupid ring to stop us.

I’m glad to leave you for Katy.
I’m glad to choose her than a moron like you.
I’m glad to have a life back.
As a lesbian.



Affan Azami said...

wow. tats a bold sentence!

is that a poem?

Diana said...

craps time i tgh bosan.
imagine yg i ni lesbian yg baru lepas diceraikan husband.

happily never after.

the girl said...

ohh yana. yana. yana. tamo jadi lesbo okay? i pon nga broken hearted lagi neh. feel like dying je now. urghh! help.. :'(

Diana said...

tak la dya. takkan pun.
u tu.. i tanak u tak makan sume. jage diri tau yang..